The story

Today is born a special backpack wich surely was missing.

The new idea is born following a precise reasoning. The backpacks were of common use since the end of the 70th, when Francesco Membretti finished his study. Over the decades, lot of different and particular backpacks were on the market and also the big names created and proposed their models.

But now the moment has come to introduce a new idea, a new patent! M E M B R E T T I’s aesthetic backback has meticulous attention to details and it’s pratical for our times. Moreover, it is comfortable to be worn also during hot season thanks to the special back panel, flow of air is created between your back and the backpack. So, something innovative studied either for woman searching sophisticated accessories, luxurious and exclusive, or for modern classy men.
We also thought about Harley-loving bikers and about sailors, using “ad hoc” coatings.

The backpack M E B R E T T I is fully patended Made in Italy.

Francesco Membretti

Francesco Membretti begins his working career at the early 1980s at the historic family business, founded in 1925 thanks to his maternal grandfather bakelite molds workshop. The main production is capsules, commonly called caps for the world of perfumery and cosmetics. Capsules have been created for perfumes such as Valentino, Ferré, Gucci, Les Copains and also the famous “shells” of the perfume Trussardi pour femme.

In the mid-90s Francesco had the brilliant idea of creating a tansparent polycarbonate wrist watch that recalled the models that have made and make the history of watchmaking.
Thus was born BIGTIME and it was an immediate success. Imitations were inevitable within a few years.

Later, in 2010, he made and filed a model, together with a new partner, for a line of icicle-shaped jewelry, where every taste was matched by a pavé of precious stones. Orgeat taste? Of course diamonds!

In 2016 Membretti gets back into the world of watchmaking, developing an old idea for a smartwatch, but different from all the others.
The MOVE&SHAKE, in fact, takes up the old winning philosophy of the first BIGTIME.